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Historischer Filmabend | 09.03

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The unknown civil war 1848/49

2016, 52”

historischer Film

Leitexperte: Róbert Dr. Hermann

Kameramann: György Sibalin

Regie: Éva Bicskei

Produzent: Péter Móczán

This film is an exciting historical documentary on a sequence of little-known tragic events that took place at the time of the 1848-49 Hungarian revolution and war of independence. The filmmakers give a detailed account of a number of bloody incidents stemming from ethnic conflicts in Transylvania between June 1848 and May 1849.

The viewer is taken to some towns and remote villages in Alsó-Fehér County, places hardly ever found on the programs of school trips or package tours. The first leg of this cinematic trip is the Meadow of Freedom at Balázsfalva, where the Romanian national movement used to hold its assemblies, and the last is Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), the town of the famous Házsongárd Cemetery. From here, it is just a stone’s throw to Avram Iancu Street, noted for a memorial tablet whose false claims the filmmakers manage to refute on the basis of solid historical evidence.


Anschließender Vortrag von Dr. József Solymosi in ungarischer Sprache

17.03.2020 | 19:00

Collegium Hungaricum Wien (1020 Wien, Hollandstraße 4)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/173762330596664/



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